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  • MYSTERIUM? Tric Trac lève le voile sur ce mystère :)

    November 26 2014|Comments

  • Et oui! C'est bien Libellud qui va éditer le jeu MYSTERIUM de nos amis d'IGAMES, à un niveau international et donc en langue anglaise (au moins)! On est super contents de voir...

    November 24 2014|Comments

  • Pour tenter de remporter un jeu Lords of Xidit dédicacé, RDV sur :) Bonne chance Idrakys!

    November 24 2014|Comments

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Seasons Path of Destiny is now available in your store

A new expansion !

Seasons Path of Destiny , the second expansion of Seasons, is now available in your store. Tournament of 12 seasons continues! In the heart of the forest Argos , the Mages of Kingdom of Xidit continue to compete to...

Dixit 4 and the dream continue

84 new card and 1 promotionnal card

Dixit 4 is now avalable ! Discover 84 news cards to enrich your game. They will transport you in the shimmering, weird and wonderful worlds! It is the french illustrator Clement Lefevre who worked in Dixit 4. Do not...

Hide the Kids is now available !

When the wolf is gone !

Hide the Kids is now available in all the good boardgame's shops and on the web. Don't wait and discover this family game which has win the best children game at Cannes in...

Result contest "To the pursuit of the familiar X7-7-87!"

And the winner is...

The Hight Council of the Magic and the MBFT* have made their decision and their verdict!         After many tests, observations and discussions, it appears that the mysterious familiar observed is none other...

Concours Seasons Path of Destiny: the finalists

the 6 finalists

Thank you mages for you help ! The council of Magic progresses in its researchs. Now, you can discover the 6 finalists of our contest! Please note that the texts were translated for somes participations. Don't forget...

Seasons is here, come sorcerers !

Become the most powerfull sorcerer of the kingdom of Xidit

The greatest sorcerers of the kingdom have gathered at the heart of the Argos forest,where the legendary tournament of the 12 seasons is taking place. At the end of the threeyear competition, the new Archmage of the...

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    Libellud News

    Meet Libellud at Spiel Essen 2013

    Meet Libellud

    Dear authors, dear illustrators, dear partners,   Libellud will be present to the Essen toyfair from 24 to 27 October 2013.   Always looking for new games and contacts, do not hesitate to make an appointment with us...

    Seasons nominated for the french price : "Les As d'or"

    Verdict on February 28

    It's a very good surprise for Libellud to learn that the game Seasons was nominated for the As d'or in Cannes ! The verdict will take place the day before the opening of the international games festival of...

    Online Web store

    Temporary closure

    Dear customers, For inventory purposes, our online webstore will be closed for an indefinite period from Thursday, March 27 to 18 hours. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. You can still get yourself our...

    Libellud on Facebook

    Join Libellud on Facebook

    If you would like to receive the latest news about Libellud and our most recent releases, we recommend adding our Facebook page to your profile. It's the best way to stay up to date with the latest developments! To...

    Dixit 3, missing cards in Europe

    81 new cards

    Due to a printing error file, Dixit 3 does not include 84 new cards as indicated on the box, but only 81. Dixit3 contains 84 cards, but are included  3 cards from each game Dixit, Dixit Odyssey and Dixit2. These 3...

    Dixit won the Spiel des Jahres 2010

    Dixit sacré par le prestigieux Spiel des Jahres

    Dixit, the first game of Libellud won in June 2010 the famous and prestigious Spiel des Jahres ! After many prices everywhere in the world, it's a consecration for Dixit. Find all the results on the german website of...

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